Bike and hiking routes

Cycling routes

Discover Bommelerwaard and the surroundings of our Bed & Breakfast by bike. We have mapped out a number of beautiful cycling routes for you. Cycle along part of the New Dutch Water Line, view the castles and fortified cities, enjoy the peaceful nature with dikes and rivers and visit picturesque villages. So don't forget to take your bike with you on holiday or ask us about the rental of bikes in the area. 

Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie

Discover part of the New Dutch Waterline on this cycling route. Did you know that the Waterline has been nominated for UNESCO World Heritage? Experience a piece of history in Loevestein Castle and visit the fortified towns of Brakel and Woudrichem.

Duration: 1:21 
Distance: 25,5 km
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Along dikes and rivers

Discover the beautiful dykes and river landscape that Bommelerwaard has to offer. Cycle over the Maasdijk along the Maas and over the Waaldijk along the Waal. Don't forget to stop for a lunch break or coffee in Brakel.

Duration: 1:13 
Distance: 24,2 km
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De Lieskampen en Zaltbommel

Cycle from our Bed & Breakfast to the nature reserve De Lieskampen and Zaltbommel. A route through a diverse landscape with basin grounds, rivers, polders and dikes with a nice break in the characteristic fortified town of Zaltbommel.

Duration: 1:29 
Distance: 29 km
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Mill route

Cycle past the most beautiful windmills on the island of Bommelerwaard and the surrounding area. Some traditional mills are still functioning. Do not forget to stop at the Bruchemse Molen restaurant for a meal break in the style of the route.

Duration: 2:26 
Distance: 44 km
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Tour with ferries and castles

A nice, not too difficult route with no fewer than three crossings by ferry. Also take a nice break in the fortified town of Heusden, take a look at castle Heusden and castle Nederhemert and you will be happy all day long!

Duration: 1:19 
Distance: 19 km
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Around the island of Bommelerwaard

In one bike ride across the entire island of Bommelerwaard. View all of the beauty that Bommelerwaard has to offer, from dikes and rivers to characteristic villages and fortified cities such as Zaltbommel.

Duration: 2:34 
Distance: 51 km
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Blossom route

A beautiful route for the spring. The Blossom Route across the island of Bommelerwaard with departure from and arrival at our Bed & Breakfast in Aalst. Enjoy the blossoming blossom trees.

Duration: 2:32 
Distance: 49 km
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Walking routes

Do you prefer to experience Bommelerwaard on foot? Put on your walking shoes, because we have plenty of beautiful places near our house where you can go on foot. The Neswaarden nature reserve and the Lieskampen are good for walking. There are also villages, dikes and rivers to discover on foot. Part of the Pilgrimage Route also runs along Aalst. 

With the ferry to Veen

Walk to the ferry service and cross to the other side of the dammed Maas. For € 1 per person you can go back and forth by ferry. At Veen, walk towards the Veense Put recreation area and enjoy the water-rich surroundings.

Duration: 1:06 
Distance: 4,4 km
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Nature reserve de Lieskampen

A nice walk to the Lieskampen nature reserve. Bring your picnic basket and stop in the Lies camps for a wonderful picnic break. On the way back you will take a look at our own beautiful Aalst.

Duration: 1:40 
Distance: 8,3 km
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Let's go to Zuilichem

Do you fancy a challenging walk through extensive polders and over the Waaldijk along the Waal? In Zuilichem it is time for a lunch or coffee break. Don't forget to bring a backpack with enough water and food for the road.

Duration: 2:19 
Distance: 11,5 km
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Part of the Pilgrimage Route

Aalst is located on the Pilgrimage Route from Amsterdam to Maastricht. Walk part of this famous and beautiful route through Bommelerwaard iin the direction of Nederhemert and back to the Bed & Breakfast.

Duration: 2:17 
Distance: 11,3 km
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The Pilgrimage Route through Brakel

Another part of stage 7 of the Pilgrims route. From the Bed & Breakfast you walk to Brakel through a quiet environment. At Brakel you can choose a short way back to the B&B or go past the Battery under Brakel, a fortress, back to the house in Aalst.

Duration: 3:30 
Distance: 17,3 km
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Blossom hiking route

A wonderful walking route for the spring. Walk past orchards and blossom trees that are in full bloom in the spring and listen to the happy sound of the birds making nests. Spot some jumping lambs in the meadow and this spring walking tour is complete!

Duration: 2:33 
Distance: 13 km
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